Review: NEW AMSTERDAM “Golden Boy” (S01E02)

New Amsterdam

Now that we have all seen the first episode of NEW AMSTERDAM, it’s time to get ready for episode two, “Golden Boy,” which airs on Thursday, March 6, at 9pm on FOX.

So did I lie? Wasn’t New Amsterdam worth watching?

If you haven’t seen the first episode of New Amsterdam, check out my review here. Now moving on to the review of the second episode, “Golden Boy.”

As I mentioned, we get more information about Omar’s past and his relationship with John Amsterdam.

In addition, the episode gets into the rhythm of what the show will look like on a regular basis which of course includes the procedural aspect of it as well as flashbacks into John Amsterdam’s long (400 years) life and his current search for his true love.

I thought “Golden Boy” was even better than the “Pilot” of New Amsterdam, some of the reasons are because of the flashbacks aspect added to the show and the revelation about Omar’s past, which adds a new and interesting dimension to New Amsterdam.

Furthermore, we get a better understanding of what it has been like for John Amsterdam to live all these years and seeing everybody around him die. It makes him easy to relate to, of course in a non-immortal way.

The episode also touches on John Amsterdam’s search for Dr. Sara Dillane, whom he thinks is his soul mate. There is no big breakthrough or big revelation so don’t get too excited. Now I don’t know about you but I hope Dr. Sara Dillane isn’t the one, because let’s face it if she is then where is the show going to go from there?

In addition, I wonder how John Amsterdam’s relationship with his partner, Eva Marquez, is going to evolve. We all know how popular sexual tension is between partners in procedurals, but in this case I’m not sure any true love between the two is possible.

That is unless (which is something that isn’t really explained yet) the soul mate that John Amsterdam needs to find is not a love at first sight situation but rather a love that grows with time. In that case, John Amsterdam and Eva Marquez could possibly be together. But we all know that if this happen, it will not happen until at least season 3 (if the show gets picked up).

So there you go. Overall, after watching two episodes, New Amsterdam has managed to make me care about the characters and what happens to them, and I am really looking forward to more.

Finally, as I mentioned before, we can never have enough immortals on TV!

Don’t forget to watch New Amsterdam on Thursday, February 6, at 9pm on FOX (after American Idol).