Review: AMERICAN IDOL “Top 8 Boys”

Tonight was the last chance for the Top 8 Boys to prove if they were worthy of getting into the new Top 12 of AMERICAN IDOL Season 7.

So how did they do? Let’s find out:

1. Luke Menard


Thoughts: So I haven’t been a fan of Luke Menard since the beginning and I’m afraid tonight didn’t make me change my mind. It just wasn’t good. He has to go and as Simon would say: “Sorry.”

Rating: 1/4


2. David Archuleta

AMERICAN IDOL - David Archuleta

Thoughts: Ok, so I need to once again apologize to my friend, Philipp, because I am starting to see what he sees in David Archuleta and I now believe he can win this competition (I know what you’re going to say Philipp “I TOLD YOU!”). So yes, needless to say that I absolutely loved his performance, and the piano!!!! Great, great performance. That kid is going to go far.

Rating: 4/4


3. Danny Noriega

AMERICAN IDOL - Danny Noriega

Thoughts: Yeah, so I don’t know what that was, but I didn’t really like it. I’m not sure he is going to make it into the top 12. Definitely a bad song choice. Danny, what were you thinking?

Rating: 2/4


4. David Hernandez

AMERICAN IDOL - David Hernandez

Thoughts: I haven’t really cared about David Hernandez until tonight, but I have to say, I really liked his performance. Plus he got major points by picking “It’s All Coming Back to Me” by Meat Loaf, I love that song.

Rating: 3/4


5. Michael Johns

AMERICAN IDOL - Michael Johns

Thoughts: Finally Michael Johns is getting better. This was his best performance so far. He’s definitely making the top 12. Hopefully he’s going to step up and and we’ll get more great performances by him.

Rating: 3/4


6. David Cook


Thoughts: WOW!!! I have liked him since the beginning but this is his best performance so far!!! The competition has finally started and I am now excited about a few of the boys, David Cook included of course.

Rating: 4/4


7. Jason Castro

AMERICAN IDOL - Jason Castro

Thoughts: This guy keeps surprising me every week. From not knowing who he was to now, Jason Castro is definitely on my favorites list and I cannot wait to see how he does in the top 12, well because let’s be honest, he is totally making it.

Rating: 4/4


8. Chikezie Eze

AMERICAN IDOL - Chikezie Eze

Thoughts: Dammit, I didn’t want to like him, but I’ve got to give it to him, he was good. Not as good as my favorites of the night, but still I don’t think he should be sent home based on this performance.

Rating: 3/4


There you have it. So who’s going home and who’s making it to the top 12?

Here are my predictions, which are really just my wishes for the top 12:

Going home: Luke Menard and Danny Noriega

Top 12: 2. David Archuleta, David Hernandez, Michael Johns, David Cook, Jason Castro, and Chikezie Eze

I guess we’ll all have to tune in on Thursday to find out if I was right.