LOST: Who is your constant?

LOST - The Constant

Ok, after the 1st season, this is by far one of the best LOST Season ever. I cannot tell you how much I am loving the stories and the characters this year. Last night’s Lost episode “The Constant” was no exception to this trend.

As I was watching Lost, I was struck by how original and unique these story lines are getting. I have seen many travel story lines unfold on the small screen and none of them came to being as original as the idea of “The Constant.”

Here’s my understanding of the concept of “The Constant”: When you conscientiousness jumps from one time line to another, the only thing that can save you from dying is the Constant. This Constant is an object or a person that is present in both time lines and that can help you anchor yourself in reality and hopefully not die of a brain aneurysm.

OK, how freaky is that? Or should I say, how cool is that? This Constant is what I call a truly novel concept. All the Hollywood writers should take note and try to come with fresh material like this.

Now I am not saying that you can’t find anything to criticize about it. But what can I say, Lost is like Obama right now, full of momentum and impervious to critique.

For all you Lost fans out there, you go out there and find a Constant, maybe an ex who wouldn’t mind taking your call ten years from now. You never know when you might get Lost