“QUARTERLIFE” Cancelled?


Reuters reports that NBC is going to cancel the web-based series QUARTERLIFE after only airing one episode.

The problem lies in the fact that the first quaterlife episode garnered “the network’s worst ratings for its time slot in at least 20 years”. Ouch! So NBC is thinking of cancelling the show altogether even before the second episode airs.

Why didn’t quarterlife work? IMHO, it is because the hype was too big around it. The fact that it was successful on the Net does not equate to success on TV. And just because it looks like Dawson’s Creek doesn’t mean it’s Dawson’s Creek (Ok that might be an unfair analogy but it is the only teen drama that came to mind right now).

In addition, the advertisement for it was very weak as well. It seems as if NBC relied on the internet hype, but unfortunately it looks like that wasn’t enough.

Let’s just let the writers do their things and get back to writing the stuff we are actually going to watch.

Farewell, quarterlife! We hardly knew thee.

But fear not, if you were a fan, you can still catch all the episodes of quarterlife online.