BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT – First look at the direct-to-DVD animation

Batman: Gotham Knight
(Photo Source: io9)

Just a day after reviewing Justice League: The New Frontier and mentioning that I was looking forward to the next Warner Bros. Animation project, BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT, I stumbled on some preview pictures from it on io9.

io9 also has a video peek of Batman: Gotham Knight which features interviews and some clips. So far I think it looks really good.

Batman: Gotham Knight is slated to come out on DVD around the same time as The Dark Knight will come out in theaters, in the summer. From what I understand, Batman: Gotham Knight actually ties in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, so I guess I will probably have to check it out before seeing the movie.

I’ll try to get more information as the release date gets closer.