Review: AMERICAN IDOL “Top 10 Boys”

The Top 10 Boys performed tonight on Season 7 of AMERICAN IDOL, and I am sorry to say it wasn’t much more exciting than last week. Although there was one unforgettable performance and that was David Archuleta.

As for the others, here is how I thought they did:

1. Michael Johns

AMERICAN IDOL - Michael Johns

Thoughts: What happened Michael? I had such high hopes for you, but this performance was just not good.

Rating: 2/4

2. Jason Castro

AMERICAN IDOL - Jason Castro

Thoughts: So Jason Castro is my new Michael Johns, my favorite in the competition now. This guy is really good. I absolutely disagree with Simon and Randy.

Rating: 3/4

3. Luke Menard


Thoughts: Well, at least he was better than last week, but man he is just not that good. I don’t think he’s going to last.

Rating: 1/4

4. Robbie Carrico

AMERICAN IDOL - Robbie Carrico

Thoughts: I actually liked this performance. I have liked Robbie Carrico’s voice from the beginning, so it’s nice that I was able to enjoy his performance tonight.

Rating: 3/4

5. Danny Noriega

AMERICAN IDOL - Danny Noriega

Thoughts: I actually really enjoyed his performance. I think I am warming up to Danny Noriega.

Rating: 3/4

6. David Hernandez

AMERICAN IDOL - David Hernandez

Thoughts: Well I don’t know what the judges were listening to because I was really bored during the performance.

Rating: 2/4

7. Jason Yeager

AMERICAN IDOL - Jason Yeager

Thoughts: He was a lot better than last week. I think Simon was exaggerating, he wasn’t that bad. It was ok. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s going to last.

Rating: 2/4

8. Chikezie Eze

AMERICAN IDOL -  Chikezie Eze

Thoughts: I’m sorry but I do not like the guy. And my God, what was he wearing?! Dude, you’re on TV, at least put on a nice shirt. Oh and again, he needs to shut up, he is so annoying. I think he annoys me too much at this point for me to even enjoy anything he sings.

Rating: 1/4

9. David Cook


Thoughts: That was probably the first performance of the night I actually paid attention to. David Cook remains on my favorites list.

Rating: 4/4

10. David Archuleta

AMERICAN IDOL - David Archuleta

Thoughts: First of all, WOW, that was amazing. Second, he made the smartest song choice of the night. Third, I cannot believe he is only 17, where is that voice coming from?!! Fourth, WOW. And fifth, I need to apologize to my friend Philipp, who kept telling me how good he was. He has now officially made it on my favorites list.

Rating: 4/4

So who do I think is leaving this week? Luke Menard and Jason Yeager

My favorites of the night: David Archuleta, David Cook, and Jason Castro