Early Review: UNHITCHED – New half hour Comedy on FOX

UNHITCHED - Johnny Sneed, Rashida Jones, Shaun Majumder and Craig Bierko

I just finished watching the first two episodes of FOX’s new sitcom UNHITCHED from the Farelly Brothers starring Craig Bierko, Rashida Jones, Johnny Sneed, and Shaun Majumder.

What are my thoughts? Well, let me start with the good parts. The main character is solid and has funny lines. The first 5 min of the Unhitched is typical Farelly Brothers humor and “The main character” definitely delivers on that end. The dynamic between the characters is pretty funny and engaging. End “Good parts”.

Now, here comes the bad parts. The story arcs were kind of weak and kind of stereotypical. Aside from the monkey bit at the beginning, everything is bland and re-hashed to some degree. Do you remember the one with a character going on a date with the cute girl who just happen to have one physical flaw? You do? Well so does everyone else who has ever watched a sitcom. In addition, the story doesn’t really explain very well why all these characters are friends to begin with, except for the fact that they are unhitched

Will I continue watching this show? Yes, I’ll give it a couple more episodes to pick up. But I am not sure whether America is going to be as generous as that. Please share your thoughts if you have watched the first episode.

Unhitched premieres March 2 at 9:30pm on FOX.