On TV Tonight, Thursday 2/21: LOST, SUPERNATURAL and more…

Daemon's Choice
American Idol

AMERICAN IDOL “4 Voted Off Live” – 8pm FOX
The 24 semifinalists performed for America this week, and the viewers have determined their fate. Tonight, four contestants – two males and two females – will go home, leaving 20 finalists vying for the American Idol crown. Who will make it through the first round of cuts?


LOST “Eggtown” – 9pm ABC
Kate’s need to get information out of the hostage may jeopardize her standing with Locke — as well as with Sawyer.



SUPERNATURAL “Jus In Bello” – 9pm the CW
Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) break into Bela’s (Lauren Cohan) apartment in order to get the Colt back, but she has tipped off Agent Henricksen (guest star C. Malik Whitfield) about their whereabouts and they are arrested. While Sam and Dean are locked in a cell in Colorado, a demon breaks in and kills some of the sheriff’s men and possesses Henricksen. After the guys vanquish the demon, the FBI agent realizes they were telling the truth and prepares to release them, but Ruby (guest star Katie Cassidy) shows up to a warn Sam and Dean that the jailhouse is surrounded by a band of demons with a powerful new leader who wants Sam dead.

Eli Stone

ELI STONE “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” – 10pm ABC
As if visions of George Michael weren’t enough, Eli’s latest revelation is of a man who appears in his TV set asking for help. To his surprise, the man turns out to be a patient of Nathan’s who’s awoken from a five-year coma only to learn he’s lost his company to his wife and her new husband – and he asks Eli to sue to get his old life back. Eli realizes that the only way to do this is to challenge the annulment of the marriage — which means suing the church.

Lipstick Jungle

LIPSTICK JUNGLE “Chapter Three: Pink Poison” – 10pm NBC
Wendy Healy (Brooke Shields) must deal with the release of a new book, portraying her as a bad mother, by her rival, Janice Lasher (Lorraine Bracco). With both the public’s and Lasher’s eye on Wendy, she decides to bring her daughter with her to a “Women in Media” luncheon that does not go according to plan. Wendy is also faced with a tough decision about whether to allow a young actress star in a racy film. Meanwhile, Nico (Kim Raver) makes a decision to slow down the affair with Kirby (Robert Buckley) and the relationship takes an unexpected turn. Elsewhere, Victory (Lindsay Price) decides that it is time to introduce Mr. Joe Bennett (Andrew McCarthy) to the girls, which will play a major role in which direction the relationship will go.