Review: COMPANY on PBS tonight


COMPANY is the first program that I have ever watched on PBS. And you know what, I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I now want to watch more of PBS’ programming in the future. But enough of that, let’s move on to Company.

Company is part of PBS Great Performances and premieres tonight at 9pm on PBS.

The story: “Long before Sex and the City, the Stephen Sondheim/George Furth musical Company took an unconventional look at love and commitment in complex modern New York. The 1970 era-defining classic was – and is – an honest, funny and sophisticated portrayal of five married couples as seen through the eyes of their mutual friend Robert, a waffling, 35-year-old bachelor evaluating the pros and cons of wedded life.”

First of all, I am a big fan of musicals. Anything with music usually works for me. That said, this is how Company differs from musicals I have seen on TV, it’s not a movie, it’s really the play. As I was watching it I felt like I was really experiencing it as if I was there.

As for the actual musical, I had never seen Company before, but from the opening seen and the first song, I was hooked. It’s a mix of comedy and songs that just made it such a joy to watch. Company also features some amazing talent, who can not only act but sing. And did I mention the songs are very catchy?

If you don’t have money to spend to go watch musicals live, this is perfect for you, you get the real performance in the comfort of your home.

Company has surprised me in the best of ways and for all musical lovers, it would be wrong for you to miss this event tonight.

Finally, the cast includes Raúl Esparza (Robert), Barbara Walsh (Joanne), Keith Buterbaugh (Harry), Matt Castle (Peter), Robert Cunningham (Paul), Angel Desai (Marta), Kelly Jeanne Grant (Kathy), Kristin Huffman (Sarah), Amy Justman (Susan), Heather Laws (Amy), Leenya Rideout (Jenny), Fred Rose (David), Bruce Sabath (Larry), and Elizabeth Stanley (April).

Check out a preview below: