Review: JERICHO “Condor” (S02E02)

JERICHO - Skeet Ulrich as Jake and Esai Morales as Beck in “Condor”

I wanted to take this time to give you a quick review of tonight’s new episode of JERICHO.

After last week’s premiere, Jericho is finally back. How happy were you to see Jake and the gang? But it doesn’t stop here. Tonight’s episode is obviously a continuation of last week’s, but I will say, “Condor” is not as exciting as “Reconstruction” was, however it does move the plot forward. And since I have seen the third episode, “Jennings & Rall,” as well, I will say that “Condor” is a good transition between the first and third episode and sets up some new information.

My friend was telling me yesterday after he watched “Reconstruction” that he wanted Jericho to get away from the vendetta plotline and give us more of the overall picture, and I think that’s what tonight’s episode is, starting with meeting the President. Obviously, the town of Jericho is always the main story, but I think that season 2 is looking really good. It feels like they have a plan as to where they are going and that’s always reassuring as a fan.

Finally, the way I know that Jericho is well structured is that I rarely have any complaints about it, which I usually do, even on some of my favorite shows.

So thanks to Jericho‘s fans, tonight we get another new episode. Don’t forget to tune in at 10pm on CBS.