AMERICAN IDOL Review: “Hollywood Week”

AMERICAN IDOL - Top 24 Season 7

First of all, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the picture of the Top 24 of AMERICAN IDOL Season 7 that has been all over the internet. Even though you can’t see much, if you really look closely, you can sort of guess who some of the people are when you look at their hair. I personally don’t remember the people in the competition enough to figure out who they are and I don’t really have time to spend on this, but if you’re bored at work, enjoy!

After weeks of auditions, we finally get to Hollywood. This year they revamped the process a bit and I have to say it left me quite confused most of the show. I don’t think they did a very good job at explaining what was going on, but oh well, I just sort of watched the performances and that’s pretty much it.

So here are some of my thoughts on tonight’s American Idol:

Brooke White – She was the one who has never seen an R-rated movie. She played the piano for her audition and I have to say she was really good. I think she’s going to make it to the top 24.

David Hernandez – We didn’t see him in the auditioning process, but damn the boy can sing. Someone to watch out for. Good chances to make it to the top 24.

Amanda Overmyer – Rocker nurse girl. She had a car accident a week before going to American Idol, that’s crazy. She is one of my favorites. The girl has an amazing voice, so original, I love it.

Josiah Leming – I have a special place for Josiah in my heart. I really hope he goes far. He is great. Although, I have to say one thing: “He needs to stop crying all the time!” That’s really annoying.

David Cook – I liked him. He’s pretty good.

Robbie Carrico – He has a really nice voice. During the audition process, I called him “Long hair Chris Daughtry.” I’m still keeping an eye out for him. Hopefully he makes it to the Top 24.

David Archuleta – He sang Bryan Adams’ song “Heaven”… he had me at Bryan Adams. And he actually sang it very well. Definitely someone to keep an eye out for, I CANNOT believe he’s only 16!!! Probably will make it to the Top 24.

Michael Johns – He sang Queen’s “Bohemian Rapsody” and has just made my list of favorites. I had chills during his performance, he is amazing! Definitely making the Top 24.

Carly Smithson – She is pretty good, but I remembered that Carrie Underwood performed the song Carly performed, and I have to say Carly is no Carrie Underwood. But she is good.

These are the people that stood out to me tonight. Tomorrow the Top 24 is revealed and all I have to say is: “Bring it On!” I am ready for the people to vote.