Eric’s Top 10 All Time TV Shows: #1 – STARGATE SG1

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Eric – #1 STARGATE SG1

Stargate SG1

If you could be anywhere in the universe, where would you like to be? That question was answered for me the day I saw Stargate SG1 for the first time.

This is by far my favorite show of all time as it encompasses all the escape and entertainment I can use. From discovering different worlds to discovering different cultures, there was everything for everyone.

Plus let’s not forget the bad guys: The Goa’uld, The Replicators, The Ori. These villains certainly did not play games. My favorites still remain the Goa’uld because they had that cool voice. “Kneel Before me, Tau’ri”.

At least, I still have Stargate Atlantis to keep my mind off the fact that the series has ended.

Cast: Christopher Judge, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Richard Dean Anderson, Don S. Davis, and Gary Jones

Plot: A secret military team, SG-1, is formed to explore the recently discovered StarGates. (Source: