On TV Tonight, Sunday 2/10: BROTHERS AND SISTERS, BREAKING BAD, and more…

Daemon's Choice

The Wire

THE WIRE “The Dickensian Aspect “ – 9pm HBO
Omar’s mysterious disappearance puts Marlo’s crew on full alert; Carcetti turns his attention to the plight of the homeless; Bunk interviews an old witness in connection to the row-house cases; Templeton searches for a follow-up to his front-page story. (Source: TV Guide)

Breaking Bad

BREAKING BAD “…and the Bag’s in the River” – 10 pm AMC
Walter and Jesse fight about the latter’s drug use, so he leaves, forcing Walter to deal with their captive, Krazy-8 (Max Arciniega); Hank uses scared-straight tactics with Walter Jr. when his aunt suspects he’s smoking pot; Skyler is furious when Walter stays away from home. (Source: TV Guide)

Brothers & Sisters

BROTHERS & SISTERS “The Missionary Imposition” – 10pm ABC
A surprise visit from Jason forces Kevin to rethink his future and his romantic life, while Nora and Isaac grow more content in each other’s company.