Preview Clips – SUPERNATURAL “Mystery Spot” (S03E11)

I am happy to offer you guys yet another sneak peek at next week’s whole new episode of SUPERNATURAL, “Mystery Spot,” with two preview clips below.

But before I wanted to take this time for a few thoughts about this week’s episode of Supernatural, “Dream A Little Dream Of Me.” Needless to say that it was another good episode for the Winchester brothers.

Apart from Ruby Bela, whom I am still not fond of (seriously, I don’t know what she brings to the show), the dream sequence was a pretty interesting one and I think it brings a whole new dimension to the show.

Dean finally facing his fear and deciding he doesn’t want to die in a year created a new purpose for the brothers this third season. We all knew they weren’t going to kill Dean off anyway, but I am enjoying the way they are slowly figuring out how not to kill him. Now it’s all about finding out how Dean beats Death, and trust me, it will keep me watching for the rest of the season (whenever we get it).

Until then, let’s enjoy the last two remaining pre-strike episodes. Enjoy the preview clips for “Mystery Spot” below.

Don’t forget to watch the full episode of Supernatural “Mystery Spot” on February 14 at 9pm on The CW.