Araya’s Top 10 All Time TV Shows: #2 – FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

Daemon's TV - Top 10 All Time TV Shows Countdown


Friday Night Lights

Hot bored chicks in small Texas town? Check.

Friday night high school football? Check.

Teenage love triangles? Check.

Flawed adults? Check.

Shaky camera (but cool and edgy shaky, not Cloverfield-shaky)? Check.

Alcohol poisoning? Maybe.

Cow tipping? Hell no.


Cast: Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler, Gaius Charles, Zach Gilford, Minka Kelly, Taylor Kitsch, Adrianne Palicki, Jesse Plemons, Scott Porter, and Aimee Teegarden

Plot: The lives of people living in the town of Dillon, Texas, where everyday is affected by the loss or wins of their football team, the Dillon Panthers.