Before we answer that question, I need to disclose two very important facts:

1. I love LOST. It is by far one of the best shows out there.

2. I hated CLOVERFIELD. I really did. I can’t say this enough. I came out of that movie angry and frustrated like I have rarely been.

Why did I hate this over-hyped movie? For two very simple reasons.

One: This movie tried and failed to be original.
The shaky camera work was supposed to immerse us into the action and make us feel like we were part of it. Not only did that not work for me. I actually felt dizzy watching that seizure-like camera movement. And you know that when they were shooting it, they were thinking “Let’s shake extra hard to keep the authenticity”. Such a waste of time and money.

Two: The ending did not answer anything
I defy anybody to tell me what the point of the movie was. There was absolutely no real conclusion to this movie. We don’t even know what caused the initial events. I don’t know about you but since the “Sixth Sense”, I have come to expect movies to deliver a shocking truth at the end. It’s sort of become a right for every moviegoer to get an ending that ties everything together in a neat package. Anything short of that doesn’t quite cut it.

Well, since J.J Abrams is the creative mastermind behind both Lost and Cloverfield, I fear that he would do to Lost what he did to Cloverfield. Although It is clear that Lost is by far one of the most original shows out there, there is still the very real possibility that the ending of the series will be done “a la Cloverfield”, in a very open-ended way.

Can you picture that? Lost ending with no real answer. This would be a terrible way to go out.

Whether you agree with me or not on Cloverfield, you have to agree with the argument that Lost better answer EVERY single question that was elicited by the show. As a fan of the show, I think it is only fair that we get out of this show everything we have given it.

So is Lost the new Cloverfield? I certainly hope not.