On TV Tonight, Wednesday 1/30: AMERICAN IDOL and LAW AND ORDER

Daemon's Choice

American Idol

AMERICAN IDOL continues their quest to find the next singing superstar. Watch as thousands of hopefuls go before the judges in hopes of making it to Hollywood.

Law and Order

LAW & ORDER “Political Animal” – 10pm NBCWhen three roommates are found dead in their apartment Detectives Ed Green (Jesse L. Green) and Cyrus Lupo’s (Jeremy Sisto) initial examination of the crime scene suggests a murder-suicide amongst jealous lovers. This notion is quickly dismissed when the detectives discover one of the victims, Todd Stewart (guest star Jonathan Sale) an environmental attorney, had a closeted relationship with a prominent political figure. After the politician’s fingerprints don’t match the prints on the murder weapon the investigation shifts focus to Victor Vargas, a political fundraiser who gave the detectives their first lead. When Vargas’ address turns out to be bogus and then a little background research uncovers a past of illegal activities including fraud, the detectives realize they’ve got their guy. But no one is prepared for the lengths to which Vargas will go and who among his political allies he will turn on to keep his freedom.