JERICHO Review – “Reconstruction” (2×1)

JERICHO - Skeet Ulrich as Jake Green and Esai Morales as Major Beck in Season 2

The new season of JERICHO is almost upon us, and I was able to take an early look at the first episode.

I guess the question in everybody’s mind is: was Jericho worth saving?
My answer is: Yes.

But before you take my word for it, you should probably know that I was surprised when they cancelled it the first time around because I thought it was such an amazing show. After seeing the first episode, I can honestly say that if you were a fan previously, your love is only going to grow.

The second season starts with the resolution of the fight between Jericho and New Bern. Get this, there is a new government in place (we got a glimpse of the new flag at the end of last season if you remember), which changes the dynamic a bit, especially since not all the states accept the new government.

As a side note, I wanted to say that I get such a kick out of seeing Timothy Omundson (who plays Lassiter in Psych) as Phil Constantino, such a different character.

It has now been 6 months since the bombs went off, and the town of Jericho continues to rebuild itself slowly while working with the new government in place.

As I mentioned previously, Jake and Emily are back together, but don’t get too excited, their reunion is sort of a Pam and Jim thing where you only see the aftermath. I hate it when they do that by the way, I need to see everything…

JERICHO - Ashley Scott as Emily Sullivan and Skeet Ulrich as Jake Green in Season 2

The first episode of Jericho, as you can imagine, is running high on emotions. After the death of Mayor Johnston Greene, Jake and Eric try to deal with things the best way they know how, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right way.

Hawkins is back at work. He is one of the most fascinating characters of Jericho to me. So calm and so hard to read, I always look forward to his storylines. In the first episode, he gets reunited with someone from his past which opens the door to new stories for future episodes, really exciting.

In the season finale, we all saw that Heather was alive, and the good news is she will be back in this episode.

Stanley and Mimi are such an adorable couple and I am happy to say they are still going strong. There is even a marriage proposal in the air.

The first episode is a perfect season opener and it delivers the same quality standard we have come to expect from Jericho. If “Reconstruction” is a preview for what is to come for the rest of the season, I can only say “Bring it On!”

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