AMERICAN IDOL Review: “Audition #6: Miami”

AMERICAN IDOL - Audition #6: Miami

Day 6 of auditions for AMERICAN IDOL Season 7. Another pretty boring episode. Here are some of my thoughts for the Miami auditions.

The Good

Robbie Carrico – aka Long hair Chris Daughtry. I like him. He has a good look too. He makes me think of Chris Daughtry a little bit. Keeping my eye out for him in Hollywood.

Ghaleb Emachah – aka Venezuelan guy. Pretty good, I actually didn’t mind the accent that much. But let’s be honest, he’s probably not going to make it to Hollywood.

AMERICAN IDOL - Audition #6: Miami

Corliss Smith – aka Randy-lover. Wow. She is good!

Brittany Wescott – aka Simon-lover. Wooow. She is good too!

Suzanne Toon – aka single mom. She was pretty good. I hope she does well.

Ramiele Malubay – aka lil’ shortie. She was ok, but nothing to be excited about.

Syesha Mercado – aka Positive girl. She was good, I just wished she had sung a little more of the melody from her song.

The Bad

Shannon McGough – aka Meat girl. I really thought she was going to be good. That’s how much I know.

Richard Valles – aka Nosy singer. Wow, I really thought he was going to be good, what is wrong with me today? My radar is off…

Julie Dubela – aka American Juniors girl. She used to be good when she was younger, but it seems she sort of lost it. And come on, she is totally acting.