UFO HUNTERS – A new series on The History Channel

UFO Hunters - The History Channel

UFO HUNTERS is a new HD series on The History Channel, which premieres January 30 at 10pm.

UFO Hunters follows a group of experts as they subject some of history’s most intriguing UFO accounts, and the evidence surrounding them, to exhaustive scrutiny in an effort to uncover the actual facts.
Each week, the group travels to the site of a well-known UFO incident to explore the event and uncover what really happened. Using history as their guide, the UFO Hunters examine evidence such as videotapes, audiotapes, witness interviews, and files newly opened under the Freedom of Information Act, then go on location and to the lab to interview, re-construct the events, and investigate. Their journeys take them across North America and Europe in search of the truth about these UFO sightings.

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