AMERICAN IDOL Review: “Audition #5: Omaha”

AMERICAN IDOL - Omaha Audition: Chris Bernheisel, Simon, and Randy

Day 5 of auditions for AMERICAN IDOL Season 7. Finally some people stood out to me. Here are some of my thoughts for the Omaha, Nebraska auditions.

The Good

Jason Rich – aka the guy who forgot the lyrics, but was actually good. I was rooting for him to remember the lyrics.

Rachel Wicker – aka arm wrestling girl. Home girl can sing, I actually liked the country sound in her voice.

AMERICAN IDOL - Omaha Audition: Samantha Sidley

Samantha Sidley – She sang a Nora Jones song. My new favorite! The sweetest girl ever! So humble!

Angelica Puente – She cried a lot, but at least her voice was pretty.

David Cook – aka Rocker guy. Pretty good.

Leo Marlowe – I liked him a lot. One of the first guys that stood out to me. I’m going to keep an eye out for him.

The Bad

Chris Bernsheil – aka Kelly Clarkson fan. This is so sad. This is the highlight of his life.

Johnny Escamilla – Wow, he was just NOT good at all.