ELI STONE – Promo and Preview Clips

Even though episodes are running out, networks are still able to bring us new TV shows. One of them is ABC’s new TV show, ELI STONE.

Starring Jonny Lee Miller (Sick Boy in Trainspotting – that’s who he’ll always be for me) as a lawyer who thinks he might be a prophet, Eli Stone looks like it could be a fun new show to watch.

Did I mention that as part of his hallucinations, Eli Stone hears and sees George Michael perform “Faith”?

Eric calls it Ally McBeal with a man.

Eli Stone premieres January 31 (after the premiere of Lost) at 10 pm on ABC.

Check out the promo and three preview clips below.


Preview Clip

Sneak Peek #1

Sneak Peek #2