CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover” – Preview Clips

We finally get a new episode from CHUCK on January 24th at 8pm on NBC entitled “Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover.” I am so happy to get sweet Chuck back, I missed him.

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For now, here is a little present to keep you waiting. Check out two preview clips from Chuck‘s new episode, “Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover,” below. (You can also view clips from Chuck‘s other new episode “Chuck Versus The Marlin” here)

Don’t forget to watch Chuck on January 24 at 8 pm and 10 pm on NBC.

Episode Synopsis: “Chuck Versus The Undercover Lover” – Chuck (Zachary Levi) discovers that many Russian arms dealers are secretly meeting in Los Angeles. One particular Russian woman catches his attention, and he flashes on her as being Agent Casey’s (Adam Baldwin) ex-girlfriend. Chuck grows very intrigued and begins to pester Casey about their history. After learning this woman is to set marry one of the Russian arms dealers, Chuck insists that Casey fights for his woman. Will Casey fight for his true love without compromising his identity? Meanwhile, Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) reach a tough point in their relationship.