AMERICAN IDOL Review – “Auditions #4: Charleston”

AMERICAN IDOL Season 7 - Randy, Paula, and Simon

Audition Day 4 of AMERICAN IDOL Season 7. Little by little I am getting tired of the auditions and ready for Hollywood week. But until then, here are some of my thoughts for the Charleston auditions.

The Good

Michelle & Jeffrey Lampkin – The Sister and Brother singing “I’m Your Angel” by R-Kelly. These guys are good. I’m glad they got through.

Amy Flynn – aka Abstinence girl. She has a sweet voice, very pretty.

London Weidberg – Billy Holiday song. She had a pretty nice voice. I like her.

Lindsey Goodman – aka Pilot girl. She was really good. ARE THEY KIDDING ME?!!!! These are the people that let Sanjaya through!

Aretha Codner – She was ok. I can’t believe the judges said she couldn’t sing though, I mean she wasn’t great but she wasn’t that bad.

Oliver Highman – aka Baby daddy. What is up with the judges? The guy was good. Again, Sanjaya anyone?

The Bad

Joshua Boson – “And I Am Telling You” song… there are no words…