On TV Tonight, Wednesday 1/23: AMERICAN IDOL, CRIMINAL MINDS, and more…

Daemon's Choice

American Idol

AMERICAN IDOL “Auditions” – 8pm FOX
AMERICAN IDOL continues their quest to find the next singing superstar. Watch as thousands of hopefuls go before the judges in hopes of making it to Hollywood.

Criminal Minds

CRIMINAL MINDS “Limelight” – 9pm CBS
When the contents of a self-storage unit reveal the grisly early makings of a serial killer, Hotchner and his team must profile the contents in order to catch him.

Law and Order

LAW & ORDER “Driven” – 10pm NBC
When a Caucasian teenage boy and young African American girl are found dead near a neighborhood playground, Detectives Cyrus Lupo (Jeremy Sisto) and Ed Green (Jesse L. Martin) have trouble getting witnesses to talk after realizing the boy was targeted and the girl was killed accidentally. Two brothers and friends of the murdered boy, Andy (guest star Jeremy Allen White) and Josh Steel (guest star Miles Chandler), lead the detectives to a local kid Will Manning (guest star Tristan Wilds). Ultimately, it’s Will’s father Ray Manning (guest star Kevin Carroll) who admits to being the shooter. Ray’s defense is that he feared for his son’s life when he saw three boys chasing Will with baseball bats. This new information leads the detectives to suspect the Steel brothers and their overly aggressive mother, Gretchen (guest star Ally Walker). With racial tensions high in the community, the DA’s office must decide how to charge and prosecute the case.

Cashmere Mafia

CASHMERE MAFIA “The Deciders” – 10pm ABC
Caitlin and Alicia attend a lesbian bridal shower, where an overwhelmed Caitlin finds she still can be attracted to an incredibly hot guy. Mia, whose parents fix her up on a blind date with a brain surgeon, decides to take the good doctor to a blowout party, hoping to make her ex-fiance, Jack — who has recently hooked up with a gorgeous news anchor — jealous. Meanwhile, after discovering that her colleagues are double-dealing her, Zoe is called on to save an important client’s business; and Juliet struggles to trust her husband, Davis, after catching him in a questionable meeting with his mistress, Cilla Gray.


CSI: NY “All in the Family” – 10pm CBS
Mac investigates the murder of a woman outside a floral shop and, shortly after, a man located two buildings down is found dead. With two murders two buildings apart, the CSIs must figure out if only one killer is behind both deaths.