AMERICAN IDOL Review – “Auditions #3: San Diego”

AMERICAN IDOL - Auditions #3: San Diego

The third day of auditions for AMERICAN IDOL Season 7 took place in San Diego. Let’s see how everybody did, actually let’s see who stood out (that’s necessarily a good thing!)

The Good

Perrie Cataldo – One of the first guys to come in. He had such a cute kid. He sang a Boys II Men song, and I have to say, he wasn’t half bad.

Michael Jones – aka Australian guy. Now he was really good.

Samantha Musa – WOW. So far my favorite. I am so impressed. I think she’s gonna go far in the competition. And if you don’t remember her, she’s the one whose sister got to sit with Simon and be one of the judges.

The Bad

Valerie Reyes – aka Mariah Carey wannabe. I’ve never met Mariah Carey. I don’t know Mariah Carey. But Valerie, you are no Mariah Carey. The sad part is, I think she actually thought she was good, but in a sane way, if you know what I mean.

Monique Gibson – That was pretty horrible. That’s all.

Blake Boshnack – aka Statue of Liberty guy from last season. You know I put him in the bad category just because he got rejected, but to be honest, I didn’t think he was that bad. Now he wasn’t good enough to go through, but then again why not? They have sent people that sounded worse than him through. Sanjaya anyone?

Alberto Hurtado – There’s always one. The – how can I say – eccentric guy.