On TV Tonight, Monday 1/21: KYLE XY, MEDIUM, and more…

Daemon's Choice

Kyle XY

KYLE XY “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades “ – 8pm ABC Family
Freed from the grips of Madacorp, Jessi looks forward to a fresh start at school, but her newfound knowledge of her extraordinary powers and her secret bond with Kyle only add to the usual teenage angst. (Source: TV Guide)

Prison Break

PRISON BREAK “Dirt Nap” – 8pm FOX
When Lechero loses his authority over Sona, Sammy causes Michael’s escape plan to come crashing down. T-Bag pressures Bellick to one more fight that will likely be his last. Lincoln and Sucre plan an explosive end for Susan.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Sarah pays a visit to Miles Dyson’s widow looking for Skynet’s creators. Her search leads her to Andy Goode, a cell phone salesman who also happens to also be the inventor of a chess playing computer known as “The Turk.” Sarah has to make a tough decision regarding her friendship with Goode. Meanwhile, John and Cameron try their best to assimilate on their first day at the new high school and John is conflicted about his role as a hero. Agent James Ellison finds himself getting closer to the truth.

Life After People

LIFE AFTER PEOPLE – 9 pm History Channel
What would happen to planet earth if the human race were to suddenly disappear forever? Would ecosystems thrive? What remnants of our industrialized world would survive? What would crumble fastest? From the ruins of ancient civilizations to present day cities devastated by natural disasters, history gives us clues to these questions and many more in the visually stunning and thought-provoking new special.


MEDIUM “To Have and to Hold” – 10pm NBC
Joe’s (Jake Weber) search for a new job takes an unexpected turn when a prospective employer (guest star Michael Gross, NBC’s “Family Ties”) asks him and Allison (Emmy winner and Golden Globe nominee Patricia Arquette) to a party at his home, confiding that his wife (guest star Kate Burton, “Grey’s Anatomy”) was hoping to meet Phoenix’s reported psychic. Allison reluctantly agrees, and begins to see how her recent dreams of Paris tie to the later disappearance of their host’s soon-to-be wed daughter.