GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE on the Cartoon Network – Review

George of the Jungle - Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network’s new show, GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE premiered Friday January 18th. I was sent two future episodes of George of the Jungle to look at, “Brother George,” which is the first part of episode 10, and “Rebel Without a Claw,” which is the first part of episode 14, and I have to say they are pretty fun. It’s exactly the kind of cartoon you can expect to find on the Cartoon Network. Each episode has two parts and each part is about 11 minutes, which which makes is so much more compelling to watch, especially for someone like me that doesn’t have much time to dedicate to new show.

The storylines are pretty fun and relaxing, you really don’t have to concentrate to watch it. It’s just pure fun, at least to me.

And let’s face it, you have to watch it if only to listen to the George of the Jungle theme song. I could sing that song all day.

George of the Jungle airs every Friday at 7:30 pm on the Cartoon Network. Check out a sneak peak of the show below.