THE GOOD WITCH Review – A new Hallmark Movie

The Good Witch

Need something to watch on Saturday night? How about a Hallmark Movie? THE GOOD WITCH premieres Saturday 19th at 9 pm on the Hallmark Channel.

Yes, I do enjoy Hallmark movies, as you might remember, and since I was able to take a look at The Good Witch early, I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

The Good Witch stars Catherine Bell (Army Wives), who is absolutely gorgeous as Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Nightingale, a mysterious woman who moves into the town long-haunted Grey House. The story unfolds in a very “Hallmarky” type of way as Cassie tries to get accepted by the town people. I personally found the whole movie very sweet. Catherine Bell captures the essence of Cassie perfectly and she makes the movie a joy to watch.

The Good Witch

As for the story, I really enjoyed the way they set up the mystery of Cassie, is she really a witch or isn’t she? They also focus on a few other storylines involving the town’s Police Chief Jake Russell (Chris Potter) and his two children, which balances the main story.

However, I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the ending, it felt pretty abrupt and I was waiting for more. Apart from that, I really enjoyed myself and didn’t see time go by.

I recommend The Good Witch, if you want a nice movie to watch with your family on Saturday night. Check out the promo below.

Story: Chris Potter (“Hairspray,” “Young & The Restless”) costars as Police Chief Jake Russell, a widowed father of two who is captivated by his new neighbor Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Nightingale (Catherine Bell), who has decided to move into the long-haunted Grey House for a spell. As if that weren’t odd enough to her new neighbors, she also opens Bell, Book and Candle, a wondrous shop full of unique items. For some, including the captivated Jake, Cassie is a breath of fresh air and a love potion that spreads through the neighborhood. But before she can truly become a part of her new town, she will need to win over some of the more skeptical neighbors who don’t approve of her unique ways. Is the town’s new ‘witch’ the real deal, or does her vibrant personality just have the neighborhood spellbound?