Interview: JAIMIE ALEXANDER from KYLE XY on ABC Family

Jaimie Alexander

Recently, Daemon’s TV got the chance to take part in an interview with JAIMIE ALEXANDER who plays Jessi XX on ABC Family’s KYLE XY.

Jaimie Alexander plays Jaimie XX on Kyle XY, who came in at the beginning of season 2 and stirred things up a bit.

Jaimie Alexander talks about her arrival on the show in the second season, her work on “Watch Over Me,” how she prepares (or not) for parts, and what’s in store for Jessi for the rest of the season.

(Daemon’s TV questions are in blue)

Can you talk about how involved you are going to be in the rest of the season? Are you going to be in most of the shows or have a fairly big part going forward?

Jaimie Alexander: Actually, yes. Jessi is, if I can remember correctly, in every episode in season 2.5. She plays a big role and definitely stirs up things a lot more than she did last season. Still while trying to be a good person, but things don’t always go her way.

What is your favorite episode or favorite storyline to film this far?

JA: My favorite storyline is Jessi’s quest to find her mother, her parents, who those people were in the picture. Just her quest to find where she belongs, which is very broad, I guess. My favorite episode so far is 13.

Can you describe the connection between Kyle and Jessi, that mental connection that they have?

JA: The connection between Kyle and Jessi, it’s a lot different than a normal human being to a normal human being. They are pretty much made of the same mold. They’re the only two that understand each other completely and, even still, they have difficulties. They’re pretty much each others’ guardians. I think Kyle would be okay if Jessi wasn’t around in a sense, he could manage. But I don’t think Jessi would be okay without Kyle because she doesn’t have anybody else. To be honest in the episodes that are coming up, their connection is questioned and it is explored heavily throughout the next nine episodes.

Daemon’s TV: Is the relationship between Jessi and Kyle going to evolve in the next few episodes?

JA: Just like with any relationship, you have to go through certain highs and lows to see how strong the relationship is and where it’s going to take you. And Jessi and Kyle—I’m trying to think how to word this – Jessi and Kyle kind of duke it out throughout the next few episodes, though not intentionally. Jessi will try and do something that she thinks is beneficial or good for somebody else but, in reality, is a bad thing. Eventually, a heavy strain gets put on their relationship because of the things that Jessi is doing where it makes Kyle kind of shy away from her a little bit because he has so many other things going on. So their relationship becomes very strained, like very heavily strained, throughout the next few episodes.

What’s your favorite thing about Jessi to play?

JA: There are so many things. I like the fact that she represents—this is going to sound really odd to all you guys – but she represents a normal person in the sense that she has two sides that kind of battle against each other. And that’s fun because I’m telling you, one moment, I’ll be good and sweet and kind and doing the right thing, and then the next few minutes, I’ll be doing something that’s horrendous. And I love that. I could never get bored. I honestly feel that I have some of the best material on the show and I’m so blessed to play this character because it’s exciting each day. We’ll get the new scripts and I’ll be like, “Whoa, what am I doing in this one?” And it’s always a surprise. I guess my favorite part of her is her dual personalities in a sense.

Can you talk a little bit about what you thought about the current writer’s strike?

JA: This could last for awhile. Let’s just narrow it down to I believe it’s something that needed to happen. It’s definitely taking its toll on everyone, but again, it wouldn’t be an effective strike, had it not taken its toll on everyone. So it’s tough but, again, being on Kyle XY, we’re in a position to have this happen at the moment it did. We got through season 2.5 and whatever’s going to happen in the future is going to happen. I think it’ll be okay for Kyle XY, but I have lots of friends that are in some heavy positions and bad positions with their families. This is really taking a toll on them. But again, it wouldn’t be a strike if that wasn’t happening. It needs to happen, yes.

Is it true that you were a high school wrestler?

JA: Yes. I actually did wrestle in my high school. My weight class was 128 and I did pretty well. The training was brutal, but my little brother actually wrestles at Oklahoma University. So he got into it after I got into it. It kind of started off as a bet, a joking bet like, “Hey, are you actually going to do this?” Once I got the team started, I realized I had to be on the team and I was like, “Great.” So yes, I ended up doing it, but I’ve got to tell you, it gave me a really good background to learn stunts, fighting and all the stunts that I have to do as Jessi. So it’s a bonus.

Daemon’s TV: How, as an actor, do you prepare for such a part as Jessi?

JA: That is just so loaded, because I’m probably one of the worst actors as far as preparation goes, because I actually don’t prepare. I find it easier to read the script and whatever hits me in my stomach, like deep down, I just go with it. And the director kind of molds me whether to go right or left with it, so there is really no preparing, because the thing is, she’s so unpredictable that if I kind of, in my head, make up my own story for her, it’s never the same. It’s never the same as what the writers had planned. So I just kind of fly by the seat of my pants and whatever happens, happens. And I’ve been lucky so far.

Before “Kyle XY,” were you a SciFi fan at all or enjoyed the genre?

JA: Yes, actually I got most of my start in SciFi/horror films. And I’ve always liked it because it’s kind of like reality, but with a little spice. There’s always things that you’re like, “Man, sometimes that could happen, but I’m not sure,” and it makes you think. I love the genre. I’m a huge fan of SciFi.

Can Jessi actually trust what Brian told her (that he’s her father) and does she know if she can trust him or not?

JA: I think, at this point, anything could happen. But, right now, I’ve got to tell you, Jessi’s so desperate to find somebody that loves her – a piece of her past so to speak – that I think it makes her more willing to trust people that maybe she shouldn’t trust. But, as of right now, she has her guard up. If it’s one thing she’s learned, she can’t trust everybody.

What effect will Emily have on Nicole or Jessi in their effort to help Jessi adjust?

JA: As far as Emily goes—I’m not quite sure how to answer this question without giving away too much, but I’ll do my best. I think Emily doesn’t play as big of a role as most people think. She kind of takes a backseat to the storyline this season. That is pretty broad, but I can’t really say much else or I might get in trouble.

One of the complaints (for episode ” To C.I.R., With Love”) was that Jessi jumps off the ledge glancing back at Madacorp and nothing is explained. Will we see more of that later on in the season or can you explain how that happened?

JA: Here’s the thing. They never really explained it. The thing about our show – and it becomes a little bit more this way in a good way – is that they don’t like to spoon feed the audience that much, which is very good. Because I think, with SciFi, if you do that, it’s just a piece of crap. But with her jumping off, it’s assumed – and you can, of course, make up your own story with this – it’s assumed that Madacorp got her. Tom Foss was there to pull Kyle back off the cliff, and you’ve got to know Madacorp was around somewhere watching this happen, watching this go down. Pretty much, she did what they wanted her to do, so they obviously were looking out for this. Obviously, she can survive a lot of things. If you saw episode nine, how I got out of the facility and yet I had no burn marks, it’s kind of weird. I think what happened is that Jessi is physically much stronger than Kyle and I think, when she jumped off, Madacorp was there to drag her out real fast. You will learn to see—how do I want to phrase this without giving much away? Throughout the rest of the season, you’re going to see what Jessi is really capable of concerning her health. That’s where I’ve got to stop because I was about to say something else. But just know that Madacorp had a huge part in how Jessi survives.

Is it kind of a guilty pleasure playing to your evil side? Is it kind of exciting?

JA: Yes. I’m still very new to the acting world, but I’ve always played the hero and the good person, even though she’s an ass kicker, pardon my French. But, with Jessi, I kind of get to indulge in that little bit of—for a lack of a better phrase, a bitch. It’s great because you get to indulge in what it would be like to really stand up to somebody in that sense. But, then, when the director says, “Cut,” you’re like, “Okay, I’ll go get you a cookie,” or you know whatever. But yes, it’s fun. After work a lot of days, I would go home and I wanted to watch comedies. It almost made me happier in my life because I was getting all the drama and all the craziness at work. I was like, “Man, I don’t need any extra of this.” I thought it was going to be kind of weird or kind of difficult to do and then I realized I was actually good at it. Then I was like, “Oh, geez, what does that say about me?” But I like it. I do like it and it does have a slight effect on my real life in a positive way.

Daemon’s TV: Do you have any upcoming movie projects or is that something you’d like to do in the future?

JA: Right now, I’m in talks for a few things I can’t mention yet because they haven’t gone through all the way. But yes, I love movies—there’s a certain magic that goes into filmmaking that you can’t necessarily find on a television set. Yes, I would love that. Of course, the right parts would have to come along. I wouldn’t take just anything, but that’s something I definitely want to pursue in the future.