BREAKING BAD - Bryan Cranston as Walter White

One of the new TV shows I am really looking forward to this month is AMC’s original series BREAKING BAD. After bringing us the amazing Mad Men, it looks like Breaking Bad is going to be another winner. Even better, Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle) plays the main character Walter White. He is such an amazing actor, it’s pretty much guaranteed he’s going to take us on a wild ride.

AMC has released the first few minutes of the episode (which I posted here) and all I can say is wow, this looks awesome! Seriously, AMC is like the new HBO.

Breaking Bad premieres January 20, 2008 at 10 pm on AMC.

Story: Walter White is experiencing the worst mid-life crisis ever. Breaking Bad is a darkly comic drama that captures life in a moment of irrevocable change when Walter discovers he is dying of lung cancer. With a new sense of fearlessness and desperate to secure his family’s financial future, this high-school chemistry teacher takes a match to his straight-laced existence and concocts a criminal new lifestyle. When he teams up with a former student to turn a used RV into a rolling meth lab, Walter transforms from repressed Everyman into empowered “entrepreneur.

Check out the promo for Breaking Bad below.

I also wanted to mention that there is a viral campaign created for the show that is pretty fun, you can find it on Walt’s Wisdom. You can send a personal message from Walter White (Bryan Cranson) to your friends, it’s pretty fun.

BREAKING BAD - Bryan Cranston as Walter White