AMERICAN IDOL Review “Audition #2: Dallas”

AMERICAN IDOL - Renaldo Lapuz, Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson

The second day of auditions for AMERICAN IDOL Season 7 took place in Dallas. Again, there were some good and some bad…really bad.

I have to say though that so far I am not blown away by anyone.

The Good

Jessica Brown – aka Meth girl. She was pretty good.

Alaina Whitaker – She said she was a Carrie Underwood look-a-like. I don’t see it, but she was pretty good.

Bruce Dickson – aka Virgin guy… seriously who are these people? This guy had a creepy relationship with his dad. The whole pendant thing was the weirdest thing ever. So he keeps the key and the dad keeps the heart until Bruce finds the right girl? Now, why does the dad wear the heart again?

Brandon Green – aka Nail guy. Apart from his weird hobby, he was pretty good.

Kady Malloy – She’s the one that did the vocal impressions, which by the way wow, she was good at that. She was my favorite of the night.

Kyle Ensley – aka President guy. He was way better than I expected but I was surprised they let him through. I’m curious to see how he does in Hollywood, but I don’t think he’s gonna make it all the way.

Drew Poppelreiter – aka Farm guy. I honestly thought he was going to be better than that, but I guess he was ok.

The Bad

Douglas Davidson – aka Reject guy. He killed “Livin’ on a Prayer” for me. He’s the one most likely to be committed…seriously.

Angela Riley – The one with the hot model husband. So she wasn’t horrible, but definitely not good enough to make it through. I do wonder if her husband really thinks she’s good…

Renaldo Lapuz – The “We are brothers” song. I have to admit, he might not have had a nice voice, but damn that song was catchy. Watch it again below.

So there you go, one step closer to the end.