ONE TREE HILL Review: “My Way Home Is Through You” (5×3)

ONE TREE HILL - Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis and Hilarie Burton as Peyton Sawyer in “My Way Home Is Through You”

After the great season five premiere of ONE TREE HILL last week, it was with much excitement that I tuned in to this week’s episode, “My Way Home Is Through You.”

First I’m going to focus on the positive.

The episode was full of drama, of course, and some progress was made with the Nathan/Haley relationship. I am really enjoying this storyline, I think there is a lot of room for growth throughout the whole season and am looking forward to seeing where they go with it.

Peyton and Brooke continue on their new career path and they had this pretty fun story with the lucky bamboo. Interestingly, we find out in the episode that Daphne Zuniga (can’t remember the character’s name) actually plays Brooke’s mom and I realized that we had never met her before that.

Coming back to Peyton, I wish she and Lucas had more scenes together to build that sexual tension up, because I am not liking Lucas’ new girlfriend, Lindsey.

Now on to the bad.

Ok, I had to mention something about the whole Mouth storyline, because I just thought it was ridiculous. I have never been a fan of him to begin with but in this episode it was even worse. First of all Mouth kisses his boss out of nowhere? Who does that in that situation? That was a pretty bad. But then they go and make the whole thing worse by having Mouth make this whole speech about looks… I’m sorry isn’t this One Tree Hill? The show that pretty much only casts pretty people, and then they write a speech about how looks don’t matter that much, that’s the pot calling the kettle black, seriously.

All that aside, I am really liking this new season of One Tree Hill and find myself actually looking forward to new episodes every week.