Stop American Idol Fakers

I hate to say it but I might have been wrong about Chris Daughtry.

Two days ago, I wrote that I has issues with Chris Daughtry’s statement that AMERICAN IDOL was on the decline. My initial beef was the fact that he looked ungrateful, especially since it seems that he benefited a lot from AI.

However, in light of the revelation that some of the “bad singers” do this in purpose to get name recognition (For example, the stalker song was actually a prank), I might have to say that Chris is on to something.

Now it is one thing go on TV when you really think you know how to sing and sing poorly (Hell, that is just good TV). It is another thing all together to pretend you are a bad singer just so you can get some notoriety. It cheapens the whole thing, believe it or not.

Who am I talking about? Paul Marturano aka Creepy Stalker Song guy. Check out his MySpace Page, he might not be the best singer but he doesn’t suck, that’s for sure.

I don’t want to watch a show full of fakers that just sing horribly on purpose. There is just no appeal in that whatsoever. So to the American Idol producers, I say this: Stop faking it! There are enough bad singers out there, no need to fake new ones.

Who’s with me?