AMERICAN IDOL Review: “Audition #1: Philadelphia”


The AMERICAN IDOL phenomenon is back!

Last night we finally saw the first disaster auditions in Philadelphia of American Idol Season 7.

For the first time I decided to take notes of the people that did good, just to see if I can spot one of the finalists. So here it goes:

The Good

Joey Catalano – The first thing I thought when I heard his name (and that’s pretty sad to admit I guess) is Jordan Catalano from My So-Called Life. Ok I got that out of my system, moving on to his performance. He was good, but I don’t see him going all the way.

Melanie Nyema – She’s the backup sing of Taylor Hicks. She was ok, but I wasn’t blown away.

Kristy Lee Cook – That girl is very commercial and has a nice voice, she might make it to the top 24.

Beth Stalker – She had a really nice sort of oldies voice. I like her.

Chris Watson – Me and my friend call him pretty boy, because he is…pretty. He has a good voice too.

Brooke White – The last audition of the day, she was really good. I do have to comment on the fact that she never watched an R-rated movie… so she’s never seen a good movie pretty much, right?

The Bad

James Lewis – His rendition of “Let My People Go” was just the worst thing ever. Please James, let us go.

Paul Marturano – Creepy guy and his stalker song… there are no words…

So what did you think of the auditions?