Sandie’s Top 10 All Time TV Shows: #2 – DAWSON’S CREEK

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Sandie – #2 DAWSON’S CREEK

Dawson's Creek

Do I even need to explain why Dawson’s Creek is my number 2? Apart from the fact that I pretty much grew up with it, it was also the first TV show that I actually followed every week and watched every episode of. It had the best writing a young audience program ever had before that. I actually remember the first time I saw the pilot, I was blown away by how good it was, I wanted to talk about it all the time and could not wait to get new episodes. Finally, the fact that it is the first TV show for which I bought all seasons on DVD should say it all, especially if you know that I don’t usually buy TV on DVD (I know shocker, actually I rent TV on DVD, but don’t usually buy them). Dawson’s Creek is one of the few TV shows I don’t get tired of watching again and again.

Cast: James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson

Plot: Set in the town of Capeside, Massachusetts, Dawson’s Creek follows 15 year-old, Dawson, and three of his friends as they grow up and face new challenges together.