MOONLIGHT Review – “Love Lasts Forever” (1×11)

MOONLIGHT - Sophia Myles as Beth Turner and Alex O’Loughlin as Mick St. John in “Love Lasts Forever”

MOONLIGHT is back! Friday’s episode “Love Lasts Forever” was another great episode of Moonlight, full of Mick and Beth, just as we like them.

The action in the episode was pretty cool, the vampire fights awesome. And I think the best scene was probably when Mick gets a confession out of the drug lord’s right hand man by transforming into a vampire and scaring the sh** out of him.

Finally we see some of the advantages to being a vampire. Especially at the end when he fights these two guys by jumping over the car, now that was a cool move.

Moving on to the sad part, Beth’s boyfriend Josh bites the dust. I guess there is nothing standing in the way of Beth and Mick now… oh wait, maybe the fact that Beth blames Mick for Josh’s death might be a problem.

The episode also finally revealed what Alex O’Loughlin meant in our interview with him when he said “Something’s coming up in 11 [episode], that puts a big spinner in the works and affects the way Beth feels about Mick, and also affects the way Mick views Beth.”

It’s just so sad that there is only one episode left to explore that new dynamic.

It feels like there are some things I am forgetting to mention, but I just love Moonlight so much I never really have anything negative to say. I will say this, I am glad Josh is out of the picture, but I wish they hadn’t killed him because now we have to deal with the whole grief thing and that delays Mick and Beth getting together even more.

What a great episode though, my eyes were locked on the TV. Can’t wait for next week.