FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Review – “Jumping The Gun” (2×11)


For those of you who were waiting for Araya‘s review of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, unfortunately he won’t be able to do it this week, so I’ll take over for him. Hopefully, he’ll be able to do it next week.

This week we were graced with another episode full of Tim Riggins. Not that I complain but I do wonder where Jason Street is. Let’s bring his pretty face back as well.

In this week’s episode, “Jumping The Gun,” my biggest interest was of course the Julie/Riggins story, although I’m not sure we could call it a story (yet). I was waiting for Julie to tell Coach Taylor what really happened that night. That was a priceless reaction. And kudos to Tim Riggins for keeping his cool throughout.

The episode also focused a lot on Smash, but to be honest he has never been one of my favorite characters, so the storyline didn’t appeal to me that much. I have to say though, I do love his mama. She just knows how to keep his head on his shoulders.

Tim Riggins and his brother find some money in Riggins’ old roommate’s apartment. They decide to take it… not the smartest decision and I have a feeling that crazy meth guy is going to be back and it’s not going to be pretty.

Another great episode of Friday Night Lights (was there ever a bad one?) and as always I am looking forward to next week’s episode, which by the way it looks (from the preview) that Lyla is back in the picture for Riggins…