Interview: APRIL MATSON from KYLE XY on ABC Family

April Matson

Recently, Daemon’s TV got the chance to take part in an interview with April Matson who plays Lori Trager on KYLE XY.

During the interview she revealed a few things that we can expect to see in the second half of Kyle XY‘s season, which premieres January 14th at 8pm on ABC Family.

In addition, she talks about her approach to Lori Trager, how she sees her, what’s in store for her in Kyle XY, as well as her own singing career and setting the record straight on some trivia facts about herself.

Daemon’s TV questions are in blue.

My question for you is specifically about the genre of science fiction. I wanted to know your feeling about it and if you had a favorite from your childhood, or if it was “Star Trek” or if it was a certain series on television, or if you were a Battlestar fan. What is it about science fiction that you like? What is it about the show and the genre that you enjoy your work acting, if you can share that?

April Matson: I actually – well, I mean most of my part on the show, I’m not that involved with the whole science fiction part of it, and I didn’t necessarily grow up being a fan of any specific type of thing, but I always loved shows like “X-Files.” I think what I like about our show is it’s not science fiction like there’s not these random monsters and aliens running around. That’s something I’ve never been drawn to, necessarily, but I like that there’s a mystery of a possibility of things that are – I guess that are sort of possible. Like I mean even the way all the mysteries about Kyle, in a weird way you almost could believe that it could be true. So it just kind of – does that make sense? Like rather than there just being a blatant monster that everybody knows doesn’t really exist or like an ET or whatever, it’s kind of like, it’s about this human brain and there’s sort of like a possibility to it in a way that makes sense scientifically that you can buy it. I think that’s kind of an interesting part of the show. As far as other science fiction, I would say “X-Files,” which is kind of what I like about the science fiction part of our show is there’s that kind of element to it.

I was wondering if you could just comment on the character of Lori and kind of where they took her the first half of the second season. It seemed like there’s kind of a pretty big change, and she kind of became mean with, I guess, going after Jessie for revenge, and just some of the things that she was doing. I just kind of wonder if you could talk about that and maybe if we’re going to get back to the Lori that we all love.

AM: That’s so interesting because I never really thought about it that way of it as Lori got mean. I mean she definitely got angry. I agree with you. The thing I love about Lori is that she sort of has a way of being bigger than everything else and being right and moving on and bucking up. That was definitely a lot of episodes of being really angry and going through everything. But definitely in the second part of the season, what you’re about to see starting on January 14th, she sort of makes peace with everything, and she does sort of – I don’t know. She does definitely work it out and gets back to moving on, songwriting again, more drama with Declan and just she lets go of all that anger, so definitely I think we’ll get back to the Lori that we all love. It’s so funny. I didn’t realize how much that came off as – how different that was for the character. But I don’t think she was mean, though, but I guess very, very angry and bitter about everything going on, so it will change.

Is there a way that fans can contact you? Is there a Web site, a MySpace, a mailing address where they can tell you how much they appreciate what you do on Kyle XY?

AM: I do have MySpace, and I actually only have it for fans. That’s the only reason I have a MySpace because there was somebody on there for a long time that was pretending to be me, so I had to make my own to sort of kick them off. And I do get a lot of sort of fan mail comments and messages. I don’t respond to them. I don’t have a dialog with fans online, but I do post a blog every once in a while just to sort of update everybody. And I do read every single comment and I see everything everyone says. It’s really sweet. I really love it because people write in and are so sweet and encouraging. I do have that, and it’s just me, April Matson, on the MySpace. Then I do have a Web site,, that’s sort of under construction, but there is a way to contact me through that too. That sort of just has a few pictures and what I’ve been doing. But it’s about to be reconstructed, so it’s a lot more fan friendly. But you can now contact through that as well.

Daemon’s TV: Is there a love interest planned for the future of Lori or maybe a reunion with Declan?

AM: There’s kind of a little bit of both. There’s definitely a new guy in the picture that is a possibility. His name is Mark, and he’s played by Josh Zuckerman, who is such a breath of fresh air. He is so fun to work with and so good on the show. I think everyone is going to love his character. We have a really great chemistry together, so you can look forward to that. Just everything about it is very funny, the way that we meet and sort of how we become close. There’s definitely that potentially happening, and hopefully when we go up to shoot season three, I believe he’s still going to be around, so he might be sort of a future cast member. There is definitely some back and forth with Declan as well that becomes a possibility. Declan and Lori sort of talk about it and are sort of exploring that road again. I don’t want to give away what ends up happening, but at the end, Lori does what she does best for herself. I have to say that is one of the things that I love about her the most is that she loves Declan, but she loves herself more, and she sort of just does what she needs to do. She really makes the choice that’s best for herself, and I love that-that young girls that are watching the show get that, because in my life at 26, and being in the dating world and having to make decisions about guys and some guys that might have some kind of hold over you. I just love that she’s not desperate and she knows that she doesn’t need someone else to make her happy. I don’t know. I just think it’s really mature of her because I feel like, as like someone who is almost a decade older, I am learning that right now. I’m learning that from her. Anyway, I went off a little bit, but the point is there’s something and Declan steps up. He’s definitely charming and America is falling in love with him. Any time Lori doesn’t sort of go back to him, I think is always going to be disappointing, because he really is so, so charming in the last half of the season.

For some actors, longevity is great to have steady work, but for others, they may not necessarily agree with the long run. Would you personally want to play Lori for several more seasons?

AM: You know what, I think about that a lot, and I feel like if something were to happen and God forbid the show was cancelled, it wouldn’t necessarily be bad news either way for me as an actor because there’s always an opportunity to do something else. But I love the character and when you’re an actor on a show, especially with everything going on right now with the strike, it’s like I just feel so lucky that I’m on a show and that I’m on a show that I like to work on and that I like to play the character. It’s definitely different than doing a film or a play because you develop a character over so much time that you know so well and you learn from. I feel like, in a weird way, because of the long run of a show, you sort of – I don’t know. You get more in depth into the character than if you would if you worked on something for a couple of months. I would love to play Lori for several more seasons, but if something happened and there are other opportunities, obviously that would be – it’s always nice to do other things. Even now, I’m going back to class because I just need to break out of it. I need to do something else. I know her so well, it’s getting so easy, so I want to keep my muscles strong, and I want to be able to stay versatile as an actor. I hope that answered your question.