DEXTER is coming to CBS

DEXTER - Michael C. Hall as Dexter

You want proof, networks are desperate for new content? CBS will be airing the first season of Showtime’s original series DEXTER starting February 17th at 10pm. This is the first time a full season of a premium cable drama series makes the transition to network television.

The Good News: Dexter is an amazing show and it’s nice that a broader audience will get to discover it.

The Bad News: The episodes will be edited for CBS, because of the timing issue and probably because of some of the content of Dexter.

The first season has 12 episodes total which will air on 12 consecutive Sundays. It’s a must-watch for me. I was so blown away by the first season the first time I saw it. Although I do worry that because of the editing, some part of the show might be lost. Still, it’s worth watching Dexter if only to watch the wonderful performance of Michael C. Hall.