Cashmere Mafia

I wanted to share some of my thoughts and do a quick review of CASHMERE MAFIA‘s premiere and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES return and “finale.”

Cashmere Mafia “Pilot” – So I wasn’t that excited about Cashmere Mafia to begin with, but I decided to give it a shot. Sometimes you can be surprised (i.e. Aliens in America that I now love), so it’s with an open mind that I watched the pilot for Cashmere Mafia. I have to say, I actually liked it, it was quite enjoyable. It’s not the best TV show that was ever created, but it’s definitely good enough to stay on my schedule for now, especially now that there won’t be much on TV.
Another strong point of the show is that is has some wonderful actors, although it’s too bad Tom Everett Scott only starred in the first episode (even if he was an unlikeable character). The scene where Juliet tells her cheating husband that she will take a lover while keeping a smile on her face, was just brilliant, I still have chills.
So that’s Cashmere Mafia and so far it’s staying on my schedule. I do worry about how it’s going to do in the ratings.

Desperate Housewives “Welcome to Kanagawa” – The return of Desperate Housewives was bittersweet for me, because it was a new episode but also the last episode we’re going to get for a while. In the episode, we of course find out that Lynette’s family is fine (who seriously thought they would get killed?) and there was also the pretty funny story of Bree living with Susan. I think the best line was probably Julie’s “She like the mom I never had. No offense.” talking about Bree in front of Susan and then Susan going “None taken.” Pretty funny. And then the whole Andrew “disaster,” all and all it was a really good episode. Unfortunately, the episode ended on a cliffhanger and all I can say is, “what was written in the damn letter?”