On TV Tonight, Sunday 1/6: THE WIRE, CASHMERE MAFIA, and more…

Daemon's Choice

The Amazing Race

THE AMAZING RACE 12 “I Just Hope He Doesn’t Croak on Us” – 8pm CBS
One Racer can’t perform at a Roadblock due to physical exhaustion, while another Racer blows a gasket when their taxi driver drops them off at the wrong location.

The Wire

THE WIRE “More With Less” – 9pm HBO
In the fifth-season premiere, cutbacks in the police department and at the Baltimore Sun newspaper send shock waves through their respective, disgruntled staffs. Meanwhile, Marlo shakes up Proposition Joe’s discussion of East Side distribution, and a front-page story ties a co-op member to city council. (Source: TV Guide)

Desperate Housewives

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “Welcome to Kanagawa” – 9pm ABC
With Mrs. McCluskey’s house completely destroyed, Lynette faces the possibility that her family and Ida Greenberg may not have survived; Katherine finds out that someone knows the truth about her mysterious past; and the residents of Wisteria Lane begin to rebuild their lives after the deadly tornado.

American Dad

AMERICAN DAD “Frannie 911” – 9:30pm FOX
Francine comes up with an elaborate plan to reunite Stan and Roger after a big fight. She fakes Roger’s kidnapping in the hopes of showing Roger that Stan still cares about him, but when Stan never shows up to pay the ransom, it forces Roger to rethink the way he treats people. After all it wouldn’t kill him to be nice to people…or would it?

Cashmere Mafia

Mia and Jack Cutting make a quintessential New York power couple. Just engaged, the two face off in a cut-throat, “survivor-style” competition in order to determine which of them will be promoted to U.S. Group Publisher at Barnstead Media Group. A smitten Caitlin must face up to the strange but wonderful feelings she is encountering with a new love interest at the office. Meanwhile, Juliet decides on a unique method of payback for her husband Davis’ indiscretions and simultaneously, in a bold move, must decide whether to drop her public image to step out in the world. And Zoe and her husband, Eric, are on another 24/7 whirl of balancing their full-time careers and the challenge of being good parents to two small children — all with good humor. But how long will it be before the wheels come off the cart?