GOSSIP GIRL Review – “School Lies” (1×12)

GOSSIP GIRL - Penn Badgley as Dan and Ed Westwick as Chuck in “School Lies”

All I can say is that this episode of GOSSIP GIRL, “School Lies,” is not the one I had imagined it would be. Not much happened in the Chuck department, quite the opposite actually. It seems like they are trying to make Chuck the bad guy again and Nate the good guy. I was really enjoying Blair’s struggle between Nate and Chuck, but now I’m not sure it would be smart to choose Chuck and that’s bugging me. Why? Well, because I like Chuck, no matter what his flaws are. He is that bad boy we love to hate.

I have to say though, I did melt for Nate’s puppy eyes in this episode. I understand why Blair would be drawn to him. Damn it! I can’t even make my mind up, how are the writers supposed to decide who Blair ends up with. This is why I love Gossip Girl, there is always something to look forward to.

GOSSIP GIRL -  Leighton Meester as Blair and Chace Crawford as Nate in “School Lies”

Serena and Dan seem to be doing fine, but I am not as involved with their storyline. I guess there is just not enough drama between these two. What happened to the whole Vanessa drama, doesn’t she want Dan anymore? Come on, let’s spice things up.

As for Lilly and Rufus, I just feel that’s just a side story and I guess it’s an okay storyline, but I do not care about it as much as I care about all the other characters.

Finally, I cannot say that the actual story of the episode was really exciting. The good news is, next week’s episode looks absolutely awesome. From the preview we can tell that Nate finally finds out about Chuck and Blair. I cannot wait!