TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES - Lena Headey as Sarah Connor and Thomas Dekker as John Connor in

Is the TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES any good? I just finished watching the pilot episode and here is my review.

The story begins after the Terminator 2: Judgment Day story line. The pilot centers around Sarah Connor (Lena Headey) and John Connor (Thomas Dekker) desperately trying to outrun the FBI and Terminators. They are aided by another Terminator, Cameron (Summer Glau) who was sent back from the future to protect John so he can lead the resistance when the time comes.

One thing I have to say right away is that this is one of the best pilot episodes I have seen in a long time. The whole episode has a very real and tense feel to it that makes the action and the moments in between the action compelling.

Summer Glau is brilliant as a Terminator in charge of protecting John from the dangers of the world. She is interesting because she has a cold impersonal side of her and also an “emotional” side that seeks to connect with her surroundings.

Lena Heady is also convincing as a mother determined to do anything to insure the survival of her son. Her efforts on hiding her emotions in order to survive make her an appealing character. She’s the kind of person you would want to defend your cause.

Thomas Dekker is a little disappointing in his portrayal of the soon to be leader of the resistance. He lacks a certain gravitas that you would expect a kid who has been trained in firearms and Rambo-like survival. He is not helped by the corny OC like lines that he has to utter all throughout the episode. Jeez, you would think that someone who knows how the world is going to end would not be so eager to go high school.

Overall, the pilot episode is one hour of action packed, tension building moments that culminate in a pretty cool ending. This will definitely be a must-see show for 2008. I wonder what the writers have in store for us. Are we going to see different kinds of Terminators come back? Is John going to emerge as the hero he is destined to be? Will there be a Human-Robot Love affair between John and Cameron? I can’t wait to see the rest.