Our Interview Day with the Cast of NBC’s CHUCK – Part 2: Adam Baldwin Special

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Posted by Araya

Welcome to part two of Our Interview Day with the Cast of NBC’s CHUCK. Daemon’s TV was recently invited to be part of a group of bloggers that hung out with the show’s likeable cast. When we last left part 1, it was time for lunch and our one-on-one face time with Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, and Adam Baldwin.

We first meet with Adam Baldwin.

Adam, you have been on some great shows (Like Joss Whedon’s Firefly) but how do you feel about CHUCK given how much it has clicked with viewers?
Adam Baldwin: Well (Chuck) is really contemporary, it’s fun. I mean, Firefly was not so contemporary…it was fun and certainly hip the way Joss wrote it, but I think marketing is always like a crap shoot…We launched Firefly during the baseball play-offs and American Idol was in its first year so, we sort of got lost in the mix there and…

And there were horses…
AB: And there were horses (laughs). No, but (Firefly) was a harder sell I think as a futuristic Sci Fi with horses. Yeah, okay so how do I wrap my brain around that one? (On the other hand) CHUCK‘s got a guy that has a computer in his brain. No big thing. The rest of it finds him hanging out with his buddies at the Buy More…and you know, there are spies (laughs).

And if we are to believe the season finale, one spy in particular is supposed to rub CHUCK out…
AB: Well, the show’s called Chuck, so hmmm.

But it will be interesting to see how the writer’s deal with that
AB: Right, Does he defy orders, or…?

Or does Casey actually grow a conscience?
AB: I dunno. I’m looking forward to see how they flesh all that out. But it’s a fine line that Casey has to walk, in that you have to keep the dangerous element otherwise where is the risk? Although again the show is called Chuck, so how much risk is there?

The show is obviously comedic in tone but in episode “Chuck Versus The Crown Vic” you give a pretty serious mini- speech about Sarah’s personal life.
AB: I like the way Casey and Sarah develop their relationship because he does try to hold her accountable for her emotions, and letting her (stops to think), what does he call them?, her lady feelings get in the way again, that sort of thing. Sarah’s a loose cannon. She has relationships with Bryce, relationships with Chuck…

So Casey’s definitely a fun character to play, but what else attracted you to the role?
AB: Well, I thought that I could continue on with sort of my dry sense of humor and hopefully continue an element of danger… it’s hard to sell tough and funny and that’s what I’m trying to get better at doing and this role affords that opportunity. Plus it’s fun, it’s silly, it’s goofy and then there is this hard edge and then it goes back to silly and goofiness.

There is a lot of silliness, but as you said there’s that hard edge with all those action scenes. Do you do your own stunts?
AB: I won’t do high falls, I won’t do so much fire or car crashes but little fight scenes and working with firearms.

The microwave as hurtling weapon was a high mark for your character.
AB: Yeah, that guy Matt Willie (that Casey hit in the head with a microwave) was in NFL I believe for 14 years, he’s 6/9, 295 and ripped, just a giant. But you have to be to be in the NFL for that long.

Seems like you have to be that way to be on the show apparently.
AB: I know everyone’s tall except for (Joshua) Gomez, who is freakishly small.

Speaking of Morgan (Gomez), we haven’t seen enough interaction between him and Casey or the other nerd herd guys for that matter.
AB: You’ll see a little more of that…Casey is not real tolerant of superfluous relationships but I think Jeff and Lester we’ll see more of those guys.

What else can you tell us about upcoming episodes?
AB: You’ll see a little of Casey’s back-story and see why he is such a hard case. You’ll see some further explanation of Chuck and Sara’s dynamic there with the Bryce Larkin love triangle. Hopefully we’ll see Matthew Bomer back who plays Bryce, he’s a great asset. More Morgan and Anna. Love those two. That’s a great relationship.

And what about Casey? When will see him get a love interest? Every one else is paired off…
AB: Well like I said there’s a story about his back-story I think will explain some of that.

Maybe the love interest will be another Crown Vic.
AB: (Laughs) No there will be a fleshy one (love interest).

We noticed the loving car wash with the music montage.
AB: Yeah, (Casey) is kind of creepy. I think you’re gonna see Casey probably ask Chuck to buy him another new car (laughs), but other than that they haven’t told us too much (about future episodes). The writer’s have been gone. There are just two episodes that are sort of hanging out there. They just wrapped the last one. They are not supposed to be writing right now, so I can only assume they’re not.

So, given that Chuck is geeky show…
AB: We prefer the term nerd (laughs).

Fair enough, well given that CHUCK is a pretty nerdy show, it’s probably safe to ask who would win in a fair fight, Casey or Jayne (from Firefly)?
AB: In a fistfight? Wow, I would say Jayne would probably win because even though both characters are both dirty, Jayne would be dirtier.

Check back soon for the rest of our interview with the cast of Chuck.