Don’t forget to watch SNOWGLOBE tonight on ABC Family

ABC Family's Snowglobe

Don’t forget to watch ABC Family’s original movie SNOWGLOBE tonight at 8pm, with an encore presentation at 10pm.

After watching the lovely Holiday in Handcuffs, I am really looking forward to another sweet Christmas movie. I cannot get enough of them.

Story: A mystical Snowglobe transports Angela (Christina Milian), who longs for a classic, perfect Christmas away from her boisterous family, into an idyllic holiday winter wonderland. But, when the two worlds unexpectedly collide, Angela has to make a choice about what really defines her “perfect” Christmas. The cast also includes Josh Cooke, Matt Keeslar and Ron Canada. The film is directed by Ron Lagomarsino and executive produced by Jody Brockway and Craig McNeil and is also produced by Craig McNeil. The film is written by Garrett Frawley and Brian Turner.