On TV Tonight, Friday 12/14: MOONLIGHT, NUMB3RS, and more…

Daemon's TV Choice

Ghost Whisperer

GHOST WHISPERER “Holiday Spirit” – 8pm CBS
Melinda sacrifices her own holiday tradition with family and friends in order to help a man understand his past and discover the true gift of giving.


MOONLIGHT “Sleeping Beauty” – 9pm CBS
When a dying man with a long-standing vendetta puts a hit out on Josef, Mick discovers a secret his best friend has kept from him for over 40 years and the real reason Josef believes Mick and Beth can never work.


NUMB3RS “Chinese Box” – 10pm CBS
Don and the team come under pressure when a former FBI subcontractor shoots an agent inside the FBI headquarters and takes one of their own as a hostage, leaving them with a severely restricted plan of action.

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