Eric’s Top 10 All Time TV Shows: #4 – LA FEMME NIKITA

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La Femme Nikita

Before there was a Sidney Bristow in ABC’s Alias, or a Jaime Sommers in NBC’s Bionic Woman, there was Nikita (Peta Wilson) who could have taught them a lesson or two on what it is to be a cool female spy.
What I loved with the show is how dark it was. They never tried to sugar coat it like they do in Bionic Woman. The characters were not cute and cuddly. It felt real.
The romance between Nikita and Michael (Roy Dupuis) was a perfect example of understated passion that produced some of the best compelling acting on television. Also who can forget the infamous duo, Madeleine (Alberta Watson) and Operations (Eugene Robert Glazer ). I loved those two.
Today’s shows can take a clue from La Femme Nikita. Sometimes, it’s not about relating to the character, sometimes it’s about forgetting who and where you are so that you can escape in the gritty world of espionage.
God, I miss this show.

Cast: Peta Wilson, Don Francks, Eugene Robert Glazer, Roy Dupuis, Matthew Ferguson, and Alberta Watson

Plot: A woman, Nikita, finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and is recruited by Section One — top-secret counterterrorist organization with no affiliation to any specific government. They falsely believe Nikita is a killer, and has what it takes to be a deadly operative. Nikita is forced to join them and use their merciless way of fighting terrorism.