On TV Tonight, Sunday 12/2: TIN MAN, BROTHERS & SISTERS, and more…

Daemon's Choice

The Amazing Race

THE AMAZING RACE 12 “We’ve Really Burned Bridges, for Sure” – 8pm CBS
The intensity of the Race causes one Team to loss their focus and places them on a collision course with a speeding bus, while another Team says some things they might regret after losing their cool during a Detour.

Tin Man

TIN MAN – 9pm Sci-Fi Channel
L. Frank Baum’s children’s classic “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” is boldly re-imagined for the new millennium with a darkly menacing world populated by wicked sisters, cowardly psychics, brain-drained inventors and a menagerie of other fantastical inhabitants. Viewers familiar with Baum’s storyline will delight in the dozens of clever ways in which this new interpretation echoes the old. Yet unlike anything the author imagined a century ago, the Ozian realm portrayed in “Tin Man” is much further over the rainbow than ever before.
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DEXTER “There’s Something About Harry” – 9pm Showtime
Dexter finds himself with the upper hand when Doakes tracks him to his latest kill. But when Doakes reveals a secret about Harry’s past, Dexter’s world comes crumbling down. Meanwhile, Rita starts letting Dexter back into her life, and the Miami Metro PD starts closing in on the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Desperate Housewives

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “Something’s Coming” – 9pm ABC
In the most elaborate episode ever produced in the history of the series, the residents of Wisteria Lane are forced into basements, cellars and safe rooms to weather a tornado that destroys homes and lives forever.

American Dad

AMERICAN DAD “Surro-Gate” – 9:30pm FOX
When Francine decides to be a surrogate for her gay neighbors Terry and Greg, Stan’s Republican blood boils. Although he pretends to be happy, when the baby is born, Stan kidnaps her and heads to the Nebraska boarder, where gay couples have no rights. Meanwhile Steve and Roger pull a Howard Hughes and become reclusive after they think Klaus is out to get them.

Brothers & Sisters

BROTHERS & SISTERS “Holy Matrimony!” – 10pm ABC
A political scandal and a severe case of cold feet threaten Kitty and Robert’s highly anticipated wedding day. Meanwhile, Isaac (guest starring Danny Glover) distracts Nora from her romance with Stan (guest starring Chevy Chase) and Holly gets a surprise visit from an old friend (guest starring series executive producer and real life husband Ken Olin).

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