Procedural Update: CSI: NY Recap – “The Thing About Heroes” (4×10)

CSI:NY - Gary Sinise as Mac Taylor and Eddie Cahillin as Det. Don Flack in “The Thing About Heroes”

So what to say about the latest CBS’ CSI NY episode “The Thing About Heroes”? Warning, if you haven’t watched the episode there will be spoilers.

Well, the story started with Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) following the trail of the 333 stalker. He finds an old decomposed body in the Chicago Tribune building.

Meanwhile, the team in NY is investigating the murder of a Subway Train conductor in an empty subway. What starts as a typical murder investigation devolves into a trap by the 333 dude which hurls the train full blast with the team in it. Without Danny’s (Carmine Giovinazzo) quick thinking, they would have met their demise.

I am going to skip over the investigation and jump to the meat of the story. Here’s the payoff of the 333 storyline: it turns out Mac had a childhood friend called Bobby Toole who was being beaten by a mob guy. Young Mac witnessed the beating but was too scared to do anything about it; Bobby’s older brother Jimmie Toole stepped up and shot the mob guy but unfortunately it was too late for Bobby. The 333 stalker was trying to remind Mac of that day by sending him Bobby’s bloody tee-shirt and digging up the decomposed body of none other than the mob guy.

So then, who was the 333 stalker? It turns out it was the youngest brother Andrew Toole who secretly witnessed the beating and blamed Mac for not shooting the mob guy who was beating on Bobby. Anybody wants to take a guess on who is playing Andrew Toole, well it is none other than Drew Bedford (Kerr Smith).

I just want to point that I predicted this plot line in advance (you can read the post here) which only tells me that CSI NY writers just ran out of steam on this one. Look, if I start guessing the end of plot lines this easily, then there is no point anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show but I still expect better from them.

I believe a better ending would have been something like this: The 333 stalker is an autistic man who is trying to have Mac catch a pedophile who killed 2 young boys 15 years ago. Unable to express himself verbally, he sends Mac these clues and little by little, leads him to the true killer who turns out to be the Boy’s father.

Yes, there are plot holes here as big as the Grand Canyon but at least I am trying to be original. I wish I could say the same about CSI NY.

What did you guys think about the resolution of the 333 stalker? Did you figure out who the 333 stalker was before the end as well?